These are some of our foundational documents. Most have links to downloadable .pdf versions

Fundamental Principles

1. We are rooted in a moral analysis based on our deepest religious and constitutional values that demand justice for all. Moral revival is necessary to save the heart and soul of our democracy. Click here to see the full document

Our Demands, A Moral Agenda Based on Fundamental Rights

A Moral Agenda Based on Fundamental Rights  Click here to see the full document

Covenant of Nonviolence

“Nonviolent resistance is the most potent weapon available to oppressed people.”
— The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 
Click here to see the full document

The Souls of Poor Folk (our audit)

Auditing America 50 years after the Poor People’s Campaign challenged Racism, Poverty, The War Economy/Militarism and our National Morality. Click here to see the full document

Poor People's Moral Budget

“This Budget also challenges the idea that poverty is the fault of the poor. Instead, it finds that poverty is caused by structures and immoral policies, and therefore, it will take moral policies and larger social transformation to lift the load of poverty.”

“It has become clear that people are ready to come together and demand truth, love, and justice, and debunk the lies of scarcity and inevitable, unchangeable poverty.”

Click here to see the full document

14 Steps to Moral Fusion Organizing

“Fusion coalition pulls people together––not so much left and right and red and blue.” The individuals who form the coalition are gathered around “key issues, moral issues that are rooted in constitutional morality and religious morality.     Click here to see the full document

Constitution of the State of Illinois

PREAMBLE     We, the People of the State of Illinois – grateful to Almighty God for the civil, political and religious liberty which He has permitted us to enjoy and seeking His blessing upon our endeavors – in order to provide for the health, safety and welfare of the people; maintain a representative and orderly government; eliminate poverty and inequality; assure legal, social and economic justice; provide opportunity for the fullest development of the individual; insure domestic tranquility; provide for the common defense; and secure the blessings of freedom and liberty to ourselves and our posterity – do ordain and establish this Constitution for the State of Illinois. Click here to see the full document

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