38% of people in Illinois are poor or low-income.
a total of 4.7 million residents.
As of 2018, 41% of IL’s workforce made under $15 an hour.
A total of 2.3 million workers.
In 2018 more than 100,000 children in Illinois were uninsured.
A 24 % increase since 2016
It doesn’t have to be this way!

Check your voter registration.

Are you registered to vote? Are you sure? Check your registration here.

Not registered and want to vote? Grace period registration and voting is happening now. Click here to learn more.

Grace period registration allows people to register and vote at the same time.

See this document for more information and check with your local election authority to determine the locations and hours available in your area. (Google election and your county name)

Two forms of ID are required. As an example, here are the types accepted by Lake County. Check with your local election authority to see what you need to bring.

List of acceptable forms of identification

  • Illinois Driver’s License
  • State of Illinois Identification card
  • Utility or service contract service bill addressed to applicant at physical Lake County street address postmarked no more than 30 days prior
  • Firearm Owner’s Identification (FOID) card
  • Personalized check or bank statement
  • Car registration or proof of insurance bearing the applicant’s name and address

In addition to one of the above, you may use:

  • U.S. passport
  • Military, employee, student, or welfare identification card
  • Certified copy of birth certificate
  • Social Security or Veteran’s Administration Patient card
  • Civic, union, or professional membership card
  • Check cashing, debit, or credit card
  • Library (some) or insurance card
  • Certified copy of marriage license or divorce papers
  • U.S. naturalization papers

Printable voter registration forms. English & Spanish.

Apply for a ballot to be mailed to you

Send me a ballot

You should request your ballot as far in advance of the election as possible. The deadline to request a ballot by mail is (received by) Thursday, October 29, 2020.

When and where you can vote

Find all Illinois Locations here. Voting starts in most of Illinois September 24.

Find Chicago information here. Voting starts October 1 at the downtown location, October 14 all other locations.

Find Suburban Cook County information here. Voting starts October 19.